Carsten Berg

Carsten BergCarsten Berg is a German author, photographer and graphic artist, born in the second half of the last century in a town that would probably have been called Crowfield had it been in England. Since it is in the German province of Northrhine-Westfalia, it wasn't. Carsten grew up listening to BFBS and AFN and developed an early interest in the English language, beside his native German language, along with a talent for the graphic arts.

Currently, Carsten Berg is committed mostly to writing fiction.His first novel, Tenebras Anima: The Darkness Of The Soul was published in February 2016. He also owns and publishes the daily entertainment news website HorrorBug (, dedicated to the genres of horror, thriller and suspense. He is also involved in the development of several on-screen projects which shall be revealed at due time, and occasionally works as a translator and language coach. Involving his other passion, motorcycling, and utilizing his knowledge of marketing, advertising and public relations, Carsten has also worked as a marketing and PR consultant for some of the leading motorcycle manufacturers for several years in English speaking markets.

After graduating from Gymnasium (his English speaking friends still make fun of him for that, because he doesn't really like sports), the German equivalent to the American high school and college, he decided to get a real job and received an education in business, freelancing as a writer and photographer on the side. After successfully graduating from business school, he joined a publishing house where he finished his education as a journalist. After a few semesters at the University of Düsseldorf, he decided that real life offered a better education (and was more fun) than the dusty halls of this esteemed institution, and he returned to working for the print media. Since then, his articles and photos have been published internationally in magazines in Germany, England and the USA.

With writing and photography now his main job, it was time for another job on the side, which saw him working with the leading German television stations RTL, Sat1, ARD and Deutsche Welle in various roles including producer, set manager for live broadcasts and doing voiceovers. He has also worked as an independent producer for television and online video outlets behind and in front of the camera.

Carsten divides his time between Germany and the American Southwest (including California), where he has also lived for several years as the US-correspondent for a German publishing house. He now mostly writes in English.



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